Presently the Metical is losing value fast to other major currencies so it has become much more affordable to visit Mozambique.  However, the inflation rate is rising too, so don’t expect this window of opportunity for a cheaper holiday to last a lot longer.  At many resorts the prices are quoted in SA Rand and or US dollars and Mozambique meticais.  Always carry enough meticais in cash and insist on settling all of your bills in local currency, or you may pay in forex at a very poor exchange rate.

The present (September 2016) exchange rate is Mt5,35 to the SA Rand and Mt75,7 to the US$ and Mt85 to the Euro.  Prices of food (at markets), transport and accommodation may be lower than in ‘developed’ countries, but current prices compare quite well with similar products and accommodation in South Africa, for example.

If you are camping, self-catering and/or using public transport, expect to spend (per person) about R600 (US$40) per day. If staying at self-catering chalets and eating one meal at a restaurant per day, budget on R800 (US$60) per day. For fly-in folk, lodges range from US$100 to $800 per person per day. If touring in your own car (petrol or gasolina is approx Mt50, diesel or gasóleo is Mt40 per litre)

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