Since the site's launch in 2004 we've run it on a non commercial basis and haven't promoted advertising.

With this 2016 re-launch the site's now much better geared for advertising and promotional opportunities. That said we're going to remain with the current site ethos and don't intend to plaster the banner columns with irrelevant and irritating advertising like other sites.
If you're a lodge, hotel or Mozambique operator then please get in touch with us to discuss advertising opportunities on the site and forum.

Ideas will include:

  • Ability to promote your lodge/venture on the core destination page (ie Southern Mozambique, Maputo) etc
  • Site wide advertising
  • Access to your statistics

Hotels & Lodges

The next phase of the sites development will allow for us to add "Places to Stay" under the Destination pages. If you're a hotel or lodge this would be a great way to promote your business and we're still finalising the subscription model.

Our focus is on providing travellers with detailed information and advice for their trip so we're not going to attempt to emulate other site's with far more advanced booking engines (ie Tripadvisor, Instead we'll plan to integrate with such providers and keep focussed on producing great content rather than managing hotel stock! We'd be looking to work with a lodge on the initial integration so please get in touch if you're registered with either.

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Contact Us to discuss advertising opportunities

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