boysbikesinhYour Best Trip to Mozambique!

Customized and personalized advice, information and maps UNIQUE to your visit to Mozambique.

Whether you are a first-time visitor to Mozambique, or a seasoned traveller looking to try something more adventurous, I can make your trip safer, more comfortable, excellent  value for money and far more interesting and rewarding. 

Over the past twenty five years I have visited almost every part of Mozambique, from hidden beaches in the Maputo Elephant Reserve, to unknown waterfalls along the Rovuma River in the Niassa Reserve.


  YOUR (Very Own) MOZGUIDE! 



My comfortable,  safe and very capable 7-seater Toyota Prado 4x4, as well as a full list of Safari equipment, is also available.  My personal guiding rate PER GROUP OF UP TO 6 PEOPLE is $250 per day (1-5 days), $200 per day (6-10 days) and $175 per day (11 days or more).  Larger groups are charged at $300 (1-5 days), $250 (6-10 days) and $200 (11 days or more) per day.  I will be at your service as driver, guide, translator, chef, camp manger, fixer, location scout, bush mechanic etc for 24hrs per day.   My vehicle hire rate (ONLY with me as driver) including a comprehensive range of camping and safari equipment, is an additional $100 per day which includes 300km free per day, but additional kilometres will be charged at $0.20 per kilometre.   NOTE THAT THESE RATES EXCLUDE ALL OTHER EXPENSES SUCH AS FUEL, FOOD, ACCOMMODATION, BORDER AND PARK FEES.

Email me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mike Slater (aka Mozman), author of Globetrotter Guide to Mozambique (latest update 2014).

I have built decades worth of resources such contacts, friends, experiences, routes, places to stay and eat, special (unknown) spots and beaches. Over the years I have assisted groups and individuals such as overlanders, tourists, honeymooners, investors, researchers, filmmakers, engineers, adventurous families, educational institutions, amongst many others, either as guide and driver and/or to SUGGEST routes, locations, projects, service-providers, vehicle and plant rental, health and safety issues etc.


Starting at (South African) R1000 (USD100), per consultation you get:

My unique, comprehensive, intimate and FIRST-HAND knowledge and experience relating to almost every aspect of Mozambique, from Manta-rays and mountains, to trains and traditions, from the 2700km long coastline to the summit of Monte Binga, the highest point in Mozambique.

Access to my personal, very extensive (and expanding daily) collection of friends, contacts, officials, contributors and experts , who keep me informed of developments and incidents that may be crucial to the success or failure of your project, tour or expedition. To put it crudely, my input has in the past often  been the difference between dream-trip and disaster.

A compilation of suggestions, advice, emergency contacts, accommodation options and contacts, routes, maps and more. All of this in the form of you own once-off and totally customized MOZGUIDE written guide to YOUR trip.

So to summarize: Before, during and after your trip to Mozambique I will at your service:

BEFORE your visit: I provide you with your very own, once-off MOZGUIDE guide to your trip.

DURING your visit: I continually monitor all incidents and events in Mozambique, such as bad weather, danger, festivals, and other unforeseeable circumstances, and keep you informed. You will also be able to contact me 24/7 via cell phone or email for advice, emergency help, or for a chat.

AFTER your visit: I will send you a short questionnaire so that you can give me any feedback that you may wish. Hopefully this will be detailed enough to for me to continue with the aspects that worked, and to avoid or improve on those that did not, in the future.

Now you can visit Mozambique with all the difficult issues of 

  • where to go,

  • what to do

  • and how to organize it

  • all already solved.

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