When David met Mike

dpmsThe MozGuide site's been running in various versions since 2004. As described in his bio Mike's been travelling Mozambique (and Africa) since the early 1980's and has written a number of guidebooks to Mozambique. Also growing up in Jo'burg David also attended Wits university where he was a member of the Explorers club which Mike had founded so when he travelled to Moz for the first time in 1998 he had a copy of the trusted guidebook in hand. Fast forward a few beers years and David joined Mike on one of his trips to explore Southern Moz in a trusty Land Rover and the site was started from a combination of Mike's journalism and David's IT experience.

Since then the site has been through a number of developments whilst remaining focussed on providing travellers the most up to date, reliable and objective information on Mozambique.

2016 re-development

The initial site which launched in 2004 only consisted of the forum andproved the interest in a specialist Moz travel site. We then upgraded to a Content Management System but had reached creative limitations over the past few years so sought the expertise of a design partner with this relaunch.

The site's been completely redesigned in a new version and the objectives were:

  • design a new fresh more user friendly layout
  • as almost 50% of the site's traffic is now from mobile browsers develop a fully responsive template that will render correctly for mobile users
  • redesign the content layout to provide better Destination information and access to the wealth of knowledge in the forums
  • in the process of updating content to make it more reliable and relevant particularly for some of the fast changing Southern destinations
  • build a platform for future development and commercial opportunities for Lodges, activity partners and targeted advertising

We hope you like and enjoy the new site and please let us know any feedback whether positive or of any issues either via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., posts on the forum or Facebook.



Since its launch in 2004 the site's grown immensely in traffic and users with interesting figures being: 

- 55% of traffic from Southern Africa

- 49% from mobile browsers



Future plans

The next phase of the site's development will focus on adding Accommodation venues and Actvities to the Destination pages. This will be a mix of hotels, lodges, backpackers and activities  and we'll work with our known network of recommended partners. The initial development will create a page under their Destination area and provide owners with the ability to manage their information and promote it on various relevant parts of the site.


Advertising approach

As described in the Advertise with Us section the site will now provide a base for allowing Mozambique accommodation, activity and tourist providers with an opportunity for focussed advertising.
We're as much against splattered banner ads, annoying popups and intrusive Flash cookies as you are so the commitment will be to only work with very focussed relevant partners for when we chose to display advertising or promote lodges. To date the site's been run on a non-commercial basis and would only be extended to help cover hosting and tech costs to keep improving the site in keeping with the current ethos (well that and the occasional extra 2M wouldn't hurt!).


Online booking

This is not planned at present but we'll review based on demand with the first set of lodges/partners we work with. Our focus is on providing informed travel advice and not managing accommodation stock so we expect to review potentially integrating with one of the larger booking sites if we get to the point of wanting to facilitate accommodation bookings.


Privacy Policy

As you'd expect there's a full template Privacy Policy available but the essence of it is:

  • Use of the site is free and we will never ask for your personal details.
  • An email address is required if you wish to register to post on the forum. This is only required in order to verify your account and help us reduce spam which does unfortunately occur with using a common forum platform.
  • Your email address is stored in case you need to be reminded of your login details but we will  never email you or share your details with a 3rd party
  • If you wish to receive regular updates then the best method is to join our opt in Facebook group or check the forum's latest posts
  • The site does use basic cookies to store your user id once you've logged in. These will also never be shared with 3rd parties
  • We'll review the policy should be proceed with any future developments which may change the current intentions (only likely if we go down booking route at some point).


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