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Pomene and Ponta da Barra Falsa are situated on the point of a large peninsula reached via a scenic track, negotiable for the last 5km (3 miles) by 4WD only. The once-famous hotel now lies abandoned and in ruins, but a wonderfully positioned lodge has now opened.

There are plans afoot to rehabilitate the Pomene complex and surrounds, but until then the facilities at Pomene Lodge, tucked between the mangroves and the deep blue sea, will do just fine. Pomene is special and Pomene Lodge is situated on a narrow sand spit which separates the lagoon from the sea, so that at the end of a day’s fishing you can simply cruise right into the estuary and anchor against the jetty. Manager Errol recounted how, during one of the recent string of cyclones, he noticed that the main building of the lodge was preparing for take-off, so he grabbed the HF radio and headed for the old hotel on the point. When the hotel was abandoned in 1986, the housekeeper, one Judas Ammite, spirited away much of the precious crockery and cutlery and buried it in preparation for the return of his ‘Padrão’ (boss). Judas will show his stash on an island in the mangroves.

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