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Elephant Coast

Stretching from Ponto do Oura in the South to the Capital city Maputo the Elephant Coast includes the remarkable Elephant Reserve.

The Maputaland ecosystem, with its plains, swamps, freshwater lakes and dune forests, is unique in southern Africa. Although the Maputo Elephant Reserve affords protection to a delicate habitat, the elephant migratory route from Tembe in South Africa, along the Fúti Channel, is threatened by slash-and-burn agriculture, as well as by commercial forestry. The Fundação Natureza em Perigo, in conjunction with the Peace Parks Foundation, is investigating the possibility of providing some official recognition and protection for this migratory corridor.

Maputaland’s Corals

Ranging in depth from 4m (13ft) to 12m (39ft), the brightly coloured soft corals (Octocorallia) and enormous stony corals (Zoantharia) in the waters off Maputaland provide a refuge for hundreds of species of brilliantly marked fish and crustacea. Emperor angelfish (Pomocanthus imperator) with their fingerprint stripes, freckled anglers (Antennarius coccineus) with their built-in lure, and painted surgeons (Acanthurus leucosternon) with their bright blue body and yellow dorsal fin, as well as the huge but friendly, brown-blotched potato bass (Epinephelus tukula), are just a few of the attractions of Maputaland’s reefs.

Ponto Do Ouro


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