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Tofo Village & Barra Beach

Driving east from Inhambane, you will skirt mangroves and coconut plantations on the way to Tofo. When the wind blows through this seasonally busy fishing resort, it seems as though the voices of the ghosts of raucous big-game fishermen echo softly down the sandy streets. And yet Tofo has and still is changing, buildings have been renovated, the revamped and renamed (now once again called Tofo) hotel is open for business and the Clube Ferroviáro (Railway Club), Nordine’s, Fatima’s Nest and Bamboozi Lodges as well as Albatroz and Casa Barry, among many others, now provide comfortable rooms and shady camp sites.

Visitors need not bring a supply of food as Tofo is well supplied with good eateries, some of which may be closed during the week in the low tourist seasons (Christmas and Easter are busiest). Tofo fronts onto a small bay fringed by a pristine, wide and white beach which stretches north as far as Ponta da Barra (Sandbar Point), and to the south, a short distance around a rocky headland, to a coral-lined bay called Tofinho where there is a nice surfing wave.

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