What to See

Since Mozambique is blessed with what may just be the longest stretch of coral-fringed beach in Africa, scuba divers, game and fly fishermen, snorkellers and nature lovers can spend months exploring the coastal resorts and camp sites without boredom setting in.

Historical sites, dating back to the daring days when voyagers risked being swallowed by a gigantic seamonster or sailing off the edge of the world, are found throughout the country.

Absorb an atmosphere that has been unaltered through the ages, while standing atop the haunted ramparts of the fortress on Mozambique Island, or visit a house in Maputo (made from steel plates shipped from Portugal a century ago) designed by the creator of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Mozambique’s inhabitants display a interesting and rewarding blend of tradi­tional African ways and assimilated Muslim, Indian, Chinese and Portuguese culture.

From the proud and isolated Makonde tribe in the north, with their bizarre and intricate sculptures in ebony, to the Makua, Chuabo and Chope tribes along the coast with their dances, dhows and dugouts, Mozambique’s real treasure is its friendly and fascinating people.


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